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I go to a lot of Broadway shows and have a lot of apps and websites I use to find cheap tickets. I can often find the best prices on TodayTix and usually check there first when there is a show I want to see. Based on what I was promised when I paid for them, l had fully expected to be in the back row, so it was such a treat and wonderful surprise to actually have good seats. A similar thing happened last week when I bought the cheapest available orchestra seats and ended up relatively close to the stage. They have great deals - especially around Black Friday and sometimes other holidays. Their customer support is great - I once bought just one ticket when I meant to get two, and I emailed them about it - they got right back to me, I followed their directions, and everything went smoothly and without a hitch! Respuesta del desarrolladorThank you for the kind words!


Consignment de mantenimiento mensual Monthly maintenance bill [skip to next word] Cargo cobrado para mantener una cuenta en especial, como una cuenta de cheques. Array of America ofrece muchas opciones para evitar los cargos de mantenimiento de las cuentas de ahorros o de cheques. Vea cómo puede ayudar a reducir sus cargos bancarios Cargo por exceder el límite Over limit bill Un cargo aplicado cuando un barato de cuenta excede la línea de crédito disponible en cualquier momento durante un ciclo de facturación. Cargo por fondos insuficientes NSF, Non-sufficient funds bill Un cargo que se produce cuando no hay suficiente dinero en una cuenta para cubrir una determinada compra.